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Teach in Ontario


This section provides information about the occasional teaching role.

If you are a new Ontario teacher, this will most likely be your first teaching role.

The Occasional Teaching Role

The role of an occasional teacher is a unique and challenging one. As an occasional teacher, you may have to scramble each morning to prepare for another new teaching experience. You may arrive at another new school to face students who are inclined to test you. On occasion, you may have to respond in a timely and efficient manner to unusual or unpleasant situations in the classroom.

On the other hand, each new occasional teaching experience offers a host of opportunities as well. This unique role provides a number of occasions to develop and employ best practices in a variety of situations. Each new assignment also provides an opportunity to showcase your enthusiasm, creativity and competence in the classroom; to build a network of administrators, department heads and teachers who appreciate the value you bring to the school.

The keys to successful occasional teaching are information, organization and adaptability. This site offers some practical advice and suggestions intended to support you as you begin your journey as an occasional teacher.

Know Your Employer

View our video webcast for helpful information about occasional teaching.